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Over time, any site owner needs to check the parameters of his resource – for example, compare the dynamics of positions in the SERP with competitors or check the page loading speed. As a rule, during cooperation, we give detailed information about the state of the website.

But often, our clients and partners need to quickly get an idea of the significant parameters of the website – just for these purposes we allow using our free tools for self-service SEO audit online.

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Search Engine Rankings Check

If you need to check the positions of a website for search queries – use our tool for keyword search rankings check. This checker service allows you to track not only the current search results but also monitor keyword positions in dynamics.
You will see for which queries your website and competitors’ sites are present in the search results and how their positions change over time.

Site Text Uniqueness Check

Search engines give preference to pages with unique content. But achieving 100% uniqueness of texts is not so easy even for professional copywriters. Moreover, plagiarism by competitors and unscrupulous authors is often.
To identify non-unique texts on your website in time – use our tool for checking the uniqueness of text on pages.

Site Speed Test

In 2020, Google announced that site load speed would become one of the baseline search ranking factors, expressed in Core Web Vitals, which include: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). However, the latter is more related to usability rather than loading speed.
In the online site speed checker tool, we focused on analyzing these and other parameters that affect website load speed in desktop and mobile versions.

On-page Technical Audit

It often happens that a website looks almost perfect and works according to the best UX/UI standards, but at the same time, it contains technical errors in the site code and server settings, which affect its assessment by search engines.
To control these risks and correct errors in time, you can use our technical SEO audit tool yourself.

Remember: to effectively use the data obtained with the help of online SEO analysis, this data has to be interpreted with precision. And I am ready to share my expertise.
– Maxim Zvonaryoff, your advisor for SEO and digital marketing

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