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Promotion of Websites based on Tilda

Have you decided to create a site on the well-known and affordable Tilda website builder? Yes, it is easy to use, and it seems that customers are within reach. But not so simple! The Internet is full of competitor sites, and every advantage counts. How to make your site on an equal footing with projects that the development and marketing teams have worked on?

Fortunately, it is Tilda that provides the greatest opportunities for optimization among similar services.

What important features Tilda already has?

It provides high-quality adaptive design, based on templates and elements for any purpose.

High download speed, which itself significantly increases conversions.

All the website pages are available for crawling and indexing in search.

What should you do to promote the site on Tilda next?

So, your site or one-page landing on Tilda is ready and shines. But the peculiarity of such platforms is that your resource, in fact, is just a page on their domain (even after connecting your domain name, the website remains on the platform servers), and you still have to try to make search engines pay attention to it.

It’s time for the best part – make SEO on Tilda.

  1. We will analyze the business model and your competitors to form the right promotion and SEO strategy for your entire project.

  2. We’ll also conduct a site audit to ensure that site uses Tilda’s optimization capabilities to the maximum.

  3. We will fix all the inaccuracies identified in the previous paragraph. As a rule, these are problems with page addresses, metatags, and incorrect heading markup.

  4. We will optimize external links and will increase their mass, focusing on the recommendations of search engines.

  5. We’ll work on conversions on the site – we identify weaknesses and growth points so that user interaction is optimal.

Contact us now, and together we will promote your site on Tilda to the TOP of search engine results.
– Maxim Zvonaryoff, your advisor for SEO and digital marketing

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