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How to promote my website in search results? My clients and partners contact me with such questions frequently. In these cases, my answer is the following: I can develop an SEO strategy
and direct your team to its implementation.

I am Maxim Zvonaryoff, an expert in digital marketing and website optimization, the founder of the Perfect SEO project. We can cooperate in the following remote or in-house formats:

  • Audit of the site and writing of technical specifications for optimization, verification of the changes made – both one-time and regularly. This option includes a practical analysis of traffic and the effectiveness of online channels.
  • Direct management of internal teams or contractors in the course of work on search engine optimization and website promotion. This option, as a rule, includes extensive consultations on digital marketing, since all components are closely related and work for the overall result.
Maxim Zvonaryoff

Our goal is a long-term cooperation, which will ensure the success
of your project in search results and more.
To do this, I am ready to share all the expertise in SEO and marketing.

How it Works and What do You Get

The preferred work approach is the role of an advisor for SEO and digital marketing under the NDA to guarantee confidentiality, and all the work can be done remotely.

  1. During the first week, briefing with the project and business is underway: topics, indicators, current situation, plans.

  2. Next, we conduct a website audit – technical analysis, content analysis, usability,
    download speed.

  3. Based on the website audit and analytics (traffic, competitors), we set up the strategy and tactics of search engine optimization – stages, priorities, connections.

  4. Starting from the second or third week, we issue detailed specifications for developers to optimize the site and advise on current workflow.

  5. As changes are made, I supervise their correctness, monitor site traffic, and generate reports.

SEO services that are included in the standard promotion:

  1. We give an honest assessment of your business model on the Internet.
  2. Analyze your competitors – their traffic, search results, positions, and marketing.
  3. Fix technical errors on the website.
  4. Improve stability and site speed.
  5. Improve the user experience (UX/UI) on the website.
  6. Research keywords usage and build the semantic core.
  7. Optimize the meta tags of the site’s pages, improve the search snippets.
  8. Optimize internal links and backlinks.
  9. Give recommendations for improving text content.
  10. We constantly monitor backlinks, the traffic, and performance of your website.

SEO Results Examples

This integrated approach to website promotion and optimization, as a rule, gives noticeable results within 1-2 months after the start. Keyword positions are growing, volume and site traffic quality is increasing – this is visible from analytics reports.

SEO results 3
Search Optimisation results 2
Results of website promotion 1

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